Welcome to Muscadine Naturals
In a society where drugs are being pulled from the market and deemed unsafe, there is a growing quest to find natural, safe solutions to our growing health care issues in America.

Muscadine Naturals was formed to help fill this void with
all-natural products made from the most incredible gift from Mother Nature – the muscadine grape. The medicinal value of the muscadine grape has been recognized for generations. However, it has only been in recent years that we are beginning to understand the science behind why it is so effective against so many of our chronic health problems.

Muscadine Naturals has emerged as one of the leaders in producing premium, nutritional products from the muscadine grape. The Muscadine Naturals story is fascinating, and has just begun.


The Muscadine Naturals Story
“Why are the Japanese Beetles eating the merlot grapes in your vineyard, but not touching the muscadine grapes growing wild in your backyard?” was the question Bob Dalton asked one of his fellow vineyard owners back in the summer of 2001. It is that question that led North Carolina businessman Dalton along an amazing journey that has resulted in the development of a family of all-natural products made from the North Carolina State Fruit, the muscadine grape. “I found out these grapes were rich in antioxidants that fight inflammation. Some of my medical advisors have told me this discovery may have a bigger impact on world health than penicillin,” Dalton explained.

Back in 2001, Dalton was inquisitive enough about why the Japanese Beetles were not eating the muscadine grapes that he gathered samples of the merlot grape and the muscadine grape and took to a scientific laboratory for testing. What Dalton discovered was that the muscadine grape contained much higher amounts of
resveratrol and other beneficial polyphenolic compounds than the merlot grape. Matter of fact, the analytical data revealed that the muscadine grapes have over 200 phytonutrients, making its antioxidant level significantly higher than any other fruit or vegetable, including the blueberry. Through his research, Dalton learned that resveratrol has been examined by the scientific community as an antioxidant, an anti-cancer agent, and an anti-inflammatory agent. He also knew that resveratrol was the basis for the “French Paradox” – the low incidence of heart disease among the French, who eat a relatively high-fat diet. Another compound Dalton found in the muscadine grapes was ellagic acid, the compound most often associated with anti-aging benefits.

Further research revealed that the muscadine grape skins, or hulls as they are called in the south, and seeds have the highest concentration of antioxidants, twice that of the whole grape. Dalton knew the significance of what he had discovered, and knew he had to “do something” about it.

In years past, Dalton had been head of the tobacco blending process at R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. He knew enough about processing to set-up a prototype plant to dry the muscadine grape skins in 2004. Eastern North Carolina was the site he chose due to that fact that 99% of the muscadine grapes grown in the state were there. He secured muscadine grape fresh marc (pressed skins, pulp and seeds) from two local wineries. This part of the grape had traditionally been discarded, and in some cases had become an environmental problem. Every batch was and continues to be analyzed for antioxidant content and is then blended for consistency.

In March of 2005, first product,
MuscadinePlus dietary supplement, became available to the general public. In the spring of 2006, BellaFemme Balance for Women was announced, and the Vinetra brand was announced in January of 2007.

While the analytical data on the muscadine grape is impressive, most of the scientific community, outside of a few universities in the south, know little about the muscadine grape. Elevating the status of the muscadine grape in the scientific, medical and health care communities is one of the company’s goals. As this research continues, Muscadine Naturals plans to maintain its lead in developing new all-natural products from the muscadine grape.


Our philosophy at Muscadine Naturals is simple. We want to take what Mother Nature has created and make it available to everyone. We only use ingredients we make ourselves from muscadine grapes straight from the vineyard. By owning the entire process beginning at the vineyard, we can ensure the quality, safety, and effectiveness of our products.

What really drives us at Muscadine Naturals is knowing we are offering the safest and most effective muscadine products available, backed by scientific research. We have confidence and conviction in our philosophy because we are absolutely sure of three basic facts. 1. Our scientific analysis of the muscadine grape and the studies going on in major universities confirm the
phytonutrients present in this grape, many of which are powerful antioxidants. 2. Based on the research going on all over the world, we know the many health benefits of these phytonutrients. 3. Outside analyses confirm that when we process the muscadine grape using our patent pending process, the valuable phytonutrients are retained in a concentrated form.

We extend a special thank you to our many clients who write to us daily about how one of our products has improved their quality of life. These comments and suggestions inspire us to continue evolving new and better products from what Mother Nature has given us.

William D. Wagner, Ph.D.,
Fellow, American Heart Association
President and Co-founder